Sunday, October 9, 2011

Done and DONE!

Well, babies, I did it. I finished my Supernatural novella. It topped out at just over 40,000 words. And boy, did I learn a lot. I learned I should NOT be so ambitious with a plot, keep it more intimate and tight. I leaned I CAN write pieces of length, if properly motivated. I learned what Occam's Razor is (now, to apply that theory!), and I learned writing is hard.

Fanfiction is a helluva lot of fun! But it's addictive. I wonder if I could ever get so hooked on 'original fiction' at this point. The last series I got hooked on was Anne Rice's vampire series, which was 100 years ago. I'll probably have to wait until SPN ends, and even then...if they put out a movie...I'll be right back in the throes of addiction.

I guess until then, I won't worry about it. Life's too short to read bad books! :D Now I just have to learn to write good ones...

OH! If you want to read it, you can check out my LJ page (the art was done by a wonderful SPN bud of mine, Rebecca Johnson) which you can fine HERE. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Writing is Hard.

Fanfiction. How I love you. And not just because you let me wallow in my favorite fandom, but because you're teaching me how to write, that I CAN write, that I can set up a schedule and crunch when the chips are down and create an outline but be flexible enough to change it, if need be. That I can work with an editor and take criticism. You're allowing me to prove to myself I have something to say. If I can write you, fanfiction, I can write original fiction. I can.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

And the Beat Goes On...

Not much to report, except that I'm still knee-deep in my Supernatural addiction. Make that waist-deep. Doing fanart, still working on my larger bit of fanfic, so there's a word-count update. But that's about it! Hope everyone is writing and dreaming and catching a few rays this summer. Be beautiful, my babies...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Of Wordcounts and Time Wasting

Yanno, it's funny. I always used to think fanfiction and fanart was a waste of time. Why work SO hard on something that will never get really and truly 'published'? Why borrow someone else's world, someone else's characters? It seemed like farting in a mud puddle to me.

Then I jumped, feet first and eyes wide open, into the 'Supernatural' fandom. I am, at once, embarrassed and giddy. It has been the most fun I've had, in creation and inspiration, in a good five years. And one of the most incredible perqs is that I've stumbled upon some really incredible writers. Incredible, I say! They write rings around so much of the drivel that's published today by the traditional presses. What on EARTH is up with that?! This...THIS is what will slaughter print books, not just the time and expense involved, but the lack of quality. Sad to say.

It feels like many publishers, out of fear, are catering to the lowest common denominator, especially in genre fiction. Sure, there are a few exceptions (TOR Books being one), but I'm loving my Kindle harder and harder these days. I'll mourn my paperbacks, but the lamentation will be short-lived as long as kick-ass writers keep giving me cheap, high-quality, virtual candy.

I've turned a corner and changed my own mind. I was wrong about digital publishing. There; I've said it. It's a brave new world. I just hope both 'legacy' publishing and digital can exist, side by side, in perpetuity. And in my mind, quality will be the crux of it all.

AND ON A DIFFERENT NOTE! I'm writing fanfiction for a challenge over at LiveJournal. I need to stay on-task with my word count; the goal is at least 15k. I'm at...2k. And I have to leave time for rewrites/betas. If anyone is out there, help me crack the whip! Summer can be soooo distraction.

That is all! Peace, out.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


A recent visitor asked me if I'd made any progress on my Once and Future Urban Fantasy Novel. Er...not so much. BUT! Here's why:

Fanfiction. Okay, okay, before you roll your eyes and think me the most immature woman in her mid-forties EVER, hear me out. I restarted that damned novel probably 6 times. Kept stalling out. I LOVE the characters, but what was keeping me from any serious progress? Life? A crap plot? Willpower, or lack thereof? All of the above?

Who knows. I certainly didn't, but I was jonesin' to write so I took the plunge into the fan world of 'Supernatural' (the only television show I watch on a regular basis.) At least I was writing, yeah? I discovered there were some honestly great writers in the community, who share an obsession *Win-cough-chesters* and will give me honest, smart feedback if I only ask. So I've signed up for one of their annual challenges that involves writing a novella based in the SPN universe. Guess who's making a visit? My original characters from The Novel That Will Not Be Written. And as I'm outlining said challenge, I'm finding myself re-discovering my affection for those OCs all over again. This, dear reader, could be a blessing in deep disguise.

Seems what I was missing was inspiration and perseverance. Two biggies. So here's hoping this is my Dumbo feather, this silly fanfic thing! Whatever works, eh?

Sunday, February 6, 2011


If you don't already, tune in to Mur Lafferty's podcast "I Should be Writing". She's wiser than she lets on, and motivates me without fail. She had a faboo interview with author Nathan Lowell today, and I am freshly inspired. But see, I get inspired at the drop of the proverbial hat; it's the follow-thru that gives me issues. This particular podcast helped with that too. Give it a listen!

Monday, January 17, 2011


I have, in the past, balked at trying fanfiction. It can FAR too often be poorly written and self-serving, neither of which is appealing to me. (No?! Realllly.) BUT! I've decided to indulge. Why, you may ask? Coupla reasons. First, I've gotten (to quote Zachariah) "psychotically, irrationally, erotically" addicted to the show 'Supernatural'. It's got everything I love: monsters, adorable stars, great characters, tight writing, decent fx and sturdy acting. It delves into the 'being' of evil and good, blurring the lines quite nicely, thankyouverymuch. And so, I mildly obsess.

I'm also having a really tough time sitting down and writing, amongst the trillion other things I have to do in my day. So I'm using my little obsession to get pencil on to paper and at the very least, WRITE. God knows I could use the practice. I've signed up for a couple of 'SPN Big Bangs' over at LiveJournal, which are fanfic fests, vaguely similar to NanoWrimo. They're warm and fuzzy frolics in All Things SPN, very supportive, and if you're lucky you'll get some killer advice from other writers. I'm cheating a little, and snagging some of the characters from my constantly-in-progress UF novel to run into the Brothers Winchester. I actually think it will help me flesh them out better, solidify the setting, etc. etc. And there's also an art component to the challenges; I can think of nothing nicer than to be forced to use the delightful SPN cast as subject matter. Rowr.

Since most fanfic goes NOWHERE out of its community, it's harmless to cross-purpose the two worlds. I plan on writing what's called 'case!fic', or a basically self-contained episode, like you might actually find on the show. I don't want to tweak the storyline as it's been established, create an alternative universe (that's AU in fanfic speak), foray into Wincest, or any of the other fringe fantasies some folks enjoy. I'm canon, for the most part. But I fully intend to write in MY style, in MY world. In MY words. *cracks knuckles*

I've found that lately, all the joy has been sucked out of any creative endeavor. This is a heart-felt attempt to remember that thrill again, that sense of compulsion. God, I miss it. I don't mind doing the hard work, but I need to feel like it's appreciated and it's worth it. I need to be able to stretch and grow again. And so, I'm doing that thing I used to think was such a waste of energy. Now, in one brilliant lightbulb moment, I realize where that energy is going: to the muse. She's starving for it.

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